Sunday, July 27, 2008


Kevin fell asleep with pringles in his hand again. Hahahah

Today was fun in PA
It started storming right after our first song tho so we had to stop :(

But I went hunting for rattle snakes in the woods. I didn't find any.

We are headed to New York City for a photo shoot. Should be ILL!
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jessie said...

i love pringles!

what would you do w/ the snakes when you find them?

i can't wait to see the photoshoot photos, it will be sickk!

allicalifornia said...

aww kevin is so cute <3

lol rattle snake hunting?
how exciting.

cant wait to see the new pictures
from the shoot =]


legendaryy said...

lol. & i personally think the snakes were avoiding you. just my guess.

Madison said...

that picture is so funny/cute
rattlesnakes, eh? how fun
stoked to see the new photos :)

Jalaxy said...

Hey babe. Go to settings then comments and click anyone so anyone can comment this. Youll get way more comments. I didnt know if you were aware of it,but only certain people can comment it now. I love you and your photo blog. Send me a message on myspace.

Thank you and much love!

E.VonDahl said...

Pringles f'ing rock
and i bet the snakes were afraid of your complete gorgeousness
FTSK are amazing keep rocking

Aiycha said...

Is that a cow he' holding!?!
OH MAH GAWD. i <3 cows.
if not, that was just something random...
I'd tap that.

Pampan said...

LOL my brother does that!

i guess pringles are as good as any stuffed animal

Nicole Linette said...

That sucks about getting rained out. I lucked out with your show on the 24th =]

I don't blame Kevin for falling asleep with pringles, they're GOOD. Haha, and what would you have done with a rattle snake?

Cool stuff :)

kelseytalk said...

i was there and it was upsetting, :"(

but oh well i touched all of you
when you layed on us :)

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