Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm in NYC and I saw this truck. It freaked me out and looked it was from a cartoon
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allicalifornia said...

hahaha please dont die in ny.


Pampan said...

that doesn't seem very safe...

they have those trucks that look like tanks to safeguard money. they should at least have those for explosives.

they do look like something from a cartoon. bright red with one word in white, EXPLOSIVES. any second now wiley coyote (wow, i just had to go to in order to find out how that was spelled!) will come and grab the truck, with the intention of pelting it towards the road runner. XD

YYAAAY! i get to go to new york in two weeks! yay for fiiinally getting an adventure (i've been too restless for too long. concerts only suppress the restlessness for so long). i can't wait to scamper around times square for the first time!!!

jessie said...

well at least the words are big enough so you know to stay away from it :P

Nicole Linette said...

They would have something like that in NYC, wouldn't they?



Madison said...

i hope everyone sees the big EXPLOSIVES on the side and doesn't go near it. cause if they did, that'd be a big mess

legendaryy said...

dont get yourself blown up. please. ahah.

joy said...
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joy said...

look at the photo..

recognize him?!


but who would be smithers?