Monday, July 14, 2008

Hanging Out!

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alyssa:] said...

haha i love your furry hat kyle it looks soft lol

introducingkira said...

ohhh, that Fargo hat is so ATTRACTIVE.

this is why you're hot.

seriously...aren't you sweltering in that? lol.

please don't sweat to death before you come back to see me. haha.

don't forget to hydrate your bones!



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legendaryy said...

lookz like fun fun fun.

you boys are living it up!

BarbieGirl18 said...

That hat is either the most ridiculous or cutest thing haha
But it still pwns

ziggyziggyhaha said...

i love your hat.

Jamie said...


DJDangerRyan said...

I Saw You Guys Yesterday,
Yeah, Babyy!

Totally Killed It
[In A Good Way]

Keep On Rockin The Warped Tour!

dianaxthexweirdo said...

Haha I thought that was one of those hat things you wear when people fight with giant Q tips on game shows o_o

blahxtrash said...

i was thurrrr at denny's dawgizzlelelelele.

i love you, lol @ the cops.

morganmania said...

haha july 14th was awesome.
esp. the acoustic set in denny's :D (even though the po-po tried to shut us down, lol)
ohh, and meeting you pretty much made my day.

yepitsjamie4 said...

i wish i could see you guys tomorrow at the cleveland warped tour, but im outta cash!

Elyriaaa High is still talking all about the time you guys came to our show, and i must say it was amazing, even though the mics weren't working right.

here are some pictures from that show!¤t=kyle.jpg¤t=ftsk007.jpg¤t=ftsk001.jpg¤t=ftsk005.jpg

Megan Marie said...

i love your hat!
and i'm looking forward to seeing you on July 25th :-)

Aiycha said...

LMAO, for some reason the hat thingy reminds me of toilet paper

supp lynn said...

haha Kyle, you're amazing.

The Denny's after party was epic. I loved your furry hat and how the tag was still on your shirt :)

and by the way: thanks for getting Travie to sign my book! haha.


Pampan said...


mrskyleburns said...

nice hat.