Monday, July 28, 2008

Photoshoot NYC

Hereeeeeeessss caleb!

I looked sexy
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lauraftsk said...


Madison said...

so cool. can't wait to see the pics

Madison said...

by the way, i'll see you at warped tomorrow. and i might go to dennys after wards for that after party thing

jessie said...

looks cute, when can we see you :P

Nicole Linette said...

You should post most pictures! =]

Pampan said...

then you should post yoouuur picture here! XD

what are the colorful things on the ceiling?

and caleb's jacket looks very black parade-esque. i want one

legendaryy said...

yodelzzzz. this is gonna be one exciting photoshoot.

allicalifornia said...

i bet you were.

calebs cuter though.

just kidding,
you both are adorable


Jamie said...

But that's in the eye of the beholder, space cadet. xPP

New Yaulllkkkkk!
New Yaaullkkkkkkkkk1

Fo shizzle.

Anjelica said...

i bet these pics are gonna ba amazing!

JeffaLynn said...

ahhhhh, its my husband :D :D :D
he looks great.
& i'm sure you will too.
and all the other sickestkids.


fueledbytai said...

This is for the cover of AP magazine, yeah? Ahh, so stoked!

xo said...


you look sexy all the time though :p

mrskyleburns said...

you always look sexy sir. caleb looks like that photoshoot for the last ap interview in the racecar uniform

Megan Marie said...

Kyle, darling, you always look sexy.

between the bars said...

when don't you look sexy?!
o hai caleb :)

alicia said...

if you looked sexy, why isn't your picture in here???
and p.s. nothing posted about the jersey shows?

amanda_turman said...

oh; i bet all 6 of you guys looked sexy=]