Friday, July 18, 2008


I have a feeling this is going to be a great show in Detroit.
Yesterday in Cleavland was great too, the crowd was off the wall, past the sound board.
This is a pic of the new bass drum head my bois at Shine sent me, it has the rabbi and the underdog alma mater shield on it. It pwnz

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Madison said...

I love that drum! So awesome!

JUHHNETT said...

Woww! Thats sickkkk!
I really want to bring you a baby rabbi next time i see yall!! I can't waitt!
When's the next time yall are gonna come back to dallas btw?! We really miss you here!
your coolest fan EVERRR,

bazookabubbless said...

hells yeah! cleveland was amazingg! i got killed but it was worth it

smittenbyfiction said...

I can't believe I had to miss out on you guys being here in Detroit :'[.

When are you coming back? I'm going through withdrawals haha

<3 Bianca

awesomed92 said...

yesterday in cleveland was awesome!! and sick new drum!!

legendaryy said...

dude that drum is legit!

allicalifornia said...

you have the sickest drumkits everr.


hopefully i`ll seeya play w/ that one.
are you using it on the rest of warped?



Aiycha said...


Pampan said...

i always think drum covers are so awesome! i realize this because i'll look through the pictures i've taken at concerts and i'll have multiple pictures of their drum sets!

i really like the blue sparkly ones that ace enders had and danger radio's was really cool too, but yours looks aamaaaazing. i want a picture!!

Danii Dandelion said...

Detroit was totally awesome. When you and Austin were signing autographs by your tent, a little after this girl comes up and is like "gooooo... FTSK has to go back to their bus!!" My friend and I were all bummed and then we walked a bit away and then came back to see you guys still taking pictures lmao.

Warped in Detroit was amazing. <33


sweetrevenge52 said...

ohh you are gonna look like such a gangster on those . definatly .