Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Atlanta Georgia Storms

Hey Hey Hey
Im sitting in the lobby of the hotel on Joe's brand new macbook. he
left me when i was just checking his email, so i proceeded to check
myspace, my email, and post this blog haha.

day 6 or 7 without my cell phone...
i think its nice to be disconnected from the "world" for a little bit
by not having a cell phone. although i forget how nerve racking it is
to lose your friends in the mall and not have a way to quickly call
them and find out where they are hahaaah

today was a long day oof warped tour... we drove up to the bus company
headquarters to switch trailers. we had to get a bigger one to hold
our equipment because we just recently switched stages to the Ernie
Ball stage. It is a smaller stage and we lost the benefits of having
the Smartpunk stage's truck carry our gear FOR us. So if your coming
out to Warped soon to watch us, we'll be on the tiny Ernie Ball
stage... find out what time we play ASAP when u get to the venue,
because i dont even think they post the times on the big red blimp for
ERnie Ball stage (hahahahaha)

I'm probably going to get the iPhone 2 on Friday. I'd like to keep
posting pics on this blog and its super easy with the iPhone.

ok, joe is back... im out.... gotta go hang out with K Dirty, Ducky,
CiCis and Joe.



allicalifornia said...

haha kyle. your adorable,
the part about being lost in a mall.. aw! haha joe just got a macbook?
i did 3 days ago! <3

cant wait til you get your iphone
and can post more pix on the blog!
lol thats dumb then dont post times
for earnie ball stage =[ seeya later
this monthh.


allicalifornia said...

ah sorry its bothering me i suck at spelling i meant YOU'RE*


BarbieGirl18 said...

Awww poor kyle, getting lost in the mall
I can totally picture you like running around franticly looking for everbody
Well i saw you on a bigger stage so whatever haha :)
Peace yo

shabammmmm said...

yousa funny kid.

hopesonhold said...

I just recently saw something on Yahoo! about the downsides of the iPhone 2.
Good luck with it. I'd probably hurt myself somehow trying to work it. :]

jesssukab said...


seriously, you guys should come up to alaska.

because, that would make my lifee.:D

i'd even let you stay at my house so you wouldn't have to spend money on a hotel!!!! haha. but i bet thats no problem for you guys.

well, your awesome. good luck with the new iphone<3

citycrushed said...

omg are you serious?
i doubt you answer this, but;
why did they move you guys.

oh well.
good luck with everything on tour :)

Isabella_Swan said...

That's dumb that you guys got switched to a smaller stage.

But I will be there, no doubt.

See you in Chicago. <3

xfeelingpinkx said...

hahah omg the part of you being lost in the mall cracks me upp!! hahah you're adorableee! ;]
I'm quite upset that i didnt get to meet you at the Dallas Warped :\
But we will meet. i just know it!
alrighty hope you have a wonderful time at Warpeedd!
Much Love,
Janet <3

christylikewhoa said...

I am so jealous.
you guys are like an hour and half away and i cant see you.
oh well...
maybe next time.

{{and yes...it storms like crazy here in ga}}

kaitlynreed said...

dear kyle,

you told me to email you those pictures, well its kind of hard to do that when your myspace is set to away...

fix that, or just text me (oh wait you cant, because you lost your phone ha)

later hater!

chelsea rowan said...

wooh for joe and his mac book,
mad jealing.

& i dont mind what stage you guyz are on. as long as your playing, its fine with me ahah.

have fun and dont get lost in any more malls aha

suckerr4clndstn said...

ernie ball stage has their own like board thing with all the bands and times playing that day.

xHurricane_Kaylax said...

Kyle!!!! so...im sorry about your phone and also myself being a person with no phone at the moment....well I know how u feel about losing your friends at the mall...or losing your ride home. hahaha.

I can't wait until warped in Detroit so we can chill!

heheha. My friend and I made u guys a scrapbook so....we hope u like it!!

Sarsh. said...

haaa we couldn't find FTSK on the big red blimp thing today and i was all "MUST GO TO FTSK MERCH BOOTH AND FIND WHEN AND WHERE THEY PLAY."

whitterzg said...

dude, that storm in atlanta on tuesday was CRAZY! the power went out all over where i live and there was massive hail. i was afraid that it was going to storm wednesday, but it didn't and warped was incredible nonetheless. i thought you guys killed it on the smaller stage. but man, that stage is really tiny. the crowd seemed pretty into you, as well. i know i was! but that sucks that your set time had to be cut and you couldn't play breakdown. but you definitely made up for it in the acoustic set! :] but i agree that people should fine your times as soon as they get there. i had to look around everywhere before i found out what times your sets were. you guys were great and i can't wait until the fall tour! <3

Ryan Popadopolis said...

Brah, one of your crew was telling us about you trying to get the iPhone the other day and not being able to get it because of the ridiculous lines.
I hope you get one soon so you can post more pictures.
Oh and you officially owe me a picture/hug because I waited patiently for you to finish with other people, but then you ran off.
I was disappointed.