Saturday, July 5, 2008

Deep in the heart of TX

im back in texas! i got to spend some time with my family which was AWESSOME
i BBQ'd at my dads then went to my moms and saw Hancock.... which was
a great movie.

Dallas was an INSANE show!
hometown shows are always amazing and so sick... i'd say about 8-10
thousand people watched us play. thank you so much to any one who is
reading this from dallas for showing us some hometown love!

i still have no cell phoone :(
and to top that i just found out i lost my tour pass for warped
tour... so for anyone who doesnt know, that means i cant go anywhere
besides my stage and the bus until i get a new one haha.... im so

San Antonio is today. Always a great time here... the scene is great.
The last time i was here we played at the White Rabbit and my urine
was poured on the front few rows of the crowd in the form of a water
bottle (by ACCIDENT).
I hope the victims forget to refer to me as R Kelly today... so
annoying im over it no big deal.



Haley said...
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Haley said...

the dallas one was insane. i was it front row and everyone kept pushing, those gates almost fell over haha. you guys were amazing! :)

<3 haley

xvxallixvx said...

aw kyle!
stop losing things you
silly kiddd. <33

haha i heard about your
pee getting poured on people.
thats really gross!

have a good show :]

find your lost items!

MeganP2010 said...

haha oh god that's an interesting story about San Antonio! hahah ooooopss...

well hope you guys are having fun on tour- I can't wait till I get to see you guys next, whenever that may be

and I really hope you find your phone and your pass! that would make me soooo mad if I lost those, so I imagine you're pretty pissed about it.


katmeltsbarbies said...

Woo, that Dallas show was insanee.
It was amazing though.(:
I was the girl in the Glamour Kills
shirt taking pictures of you guys
from the left, like a stalker. Haha.
I wanted to get some good pictures
and it wasn't going to happen
in that long line so i decided
to skip it and just get some pictures.
It really made my day when you smiled
for the picture(:
I didn't even notice
till my bestfriend was like, "Did you get the one of him smiling at you?!"
Haha, I freaked out and was like, "OHMYGOD, DID I?"
Soo later I went back to get something signed
by you guys but the line was closed.
So I begged the guy to let me in
and he couldn't :/
He was really nice though and got me
a picture signed by you guys :D.
And gave me a free keychain.
And I caught you and Jonathan on yer way out(:
I'm so happy I finally got to met
you guys.
That show was insane. It got really insane
when Jonathan pulled out the texas flag, Haha.
I didn't even stay for the whole
thing because I kept getting caught
in the mosh, haha.
But it was amazing.(:
I can't wait to see you guys again.

LaDiDa said...

how was that on ACCIDENT!?!??!

Katherine said...

the dallas show was so much fun and so was dennys. i cant believe you got pwned by the awful waffle!

video for proof:

robotiquee said...

ooo i saw hancock too.
i didnt know will smith was so hot :|

Morgan Elaine said...

one: dude the awful waffle was pretty grime-time. like the fuckin pukerbowl dude.
two: fuck no phone. that shit sucks.
three: totaly wish I was at the TX show, but considering I am from California, that didn't work out too well.
four: what the fuckxup with you losing everything!
six: be safe.

dadadum said...

You guys killed it in Dallas.
I could barely make my way into the center of that pit.

Jilliann said...

ahhh so in dallas i was in the middle of the crowd, dancing with my friends to one of your songs, and the girl in front of me turns around and barfs all over me.

julienneskeptic said...

kyle stop losing things

gaspardspants said...

Dallas was fun! I had to stand on a chair in the back because my friend kept throwing up and we couldn't go into the pit. Except they were the chairs like in the movie theaters, so if you stepped back too far, they popped up and almost killed you. It was great. So worth it for you! HAHA. :D


chelsea rowan said...

LMAO. r kelly.

falloutdiva said...

Dallas was totally insane. I was in the front, but after halfway through the first song, me&my friend had to ditch the mosh pit because we were getting trampled. Seriously, we couldnt breatthee!
And then all the seats were taken
so I just stood on one of the railings and sang along. And that was totally awesome when Jonathan had the texas flag. The show pwned.

JUHHNETT said...

Dallas Warped was SICKKKK!
You guys definately live up to your name!! for surree!
I cannot wait till you come backk =) i would love to meet you guysss!!
And yah Hancock was good!! it had a really good twist to it!! totally unexpected!
alrighttyy well hope you keep having a great time on Warpedd!

(not in a creepy way though) =]

mircat93 said...

Dallas PWNED totall N00BS!
The acoustic set made my day! (scratch that- it made my LIFE!)
I was the girl that gave you the bracelet before you played. It was black and it said "LONE STAR PERCUSSION". Yea, it's cheesey, but it made me think of you because everytime I wore it, it reminded me of you with the whole 'lone star' (you're from dallas) and then 'percussion', totally obvious.
& I'm a drummer too, so it meant so much to me to see you sport that! (major cheese ball!)
& I got so many awesome pictures of you, since you smiled at my camera a lot.
Then I got to sit in the booth with you, Kent, & Marc at Denny's and take a picture, and that was flippin sweet!

Annnnyyway, I just want you to know that you were deffinately a part of the best day of my life.
Never forget this: Dallas will always be your biggest fans. :]


M3G@N said...

haha. geeze. kind of late to comment here, but here goes :)

haha. i LOVED it dude!
the pit was insane, i was like 3 to 4 rows back in the middle. it was crazy. so many people!
Denny's was awesome!
gave jonathan the puzzle piece and the hat XD
and you're super awesome and i glad i got to meet you!

sleazepirate said...

Oh my god. I almost died in the middle of the first song. It's not good to be short and the in middle of everyone pushing. Y'all were amazing though. =]]]

rissa. said...

i went to dallas warped tour.
an it was my first year, i had so much fun.
yall were amazing!

ftshannah said...

Aw, I was there, not denny's though.
& I got flipping kicked in the head during the set (I was in the middle).
I tried to tough it out, because you guys were playing.
And then some dude from the devil wears prada was like "Ah, you're awesome for not crying about it. That's just warped tour."
But yeahh, i'm seeing you guys again in november.
Fifth time :D