Sunday, June 29, 2008


Farewell is my family. I love sitting in their merch bins. All the
pretty ladies come to their tent!

Denver, Colorado

Here I am on stage watching my boys in the Maine. they played first on
our stage today!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

In the Airplane

it looks like whipped cream.

Landing in Salt Lake City

More Rocky Mountains.

Newark Pic

N00bark New Jersey Airport

Just got done playing at a Simon mall in New Jersey! it was barelysickout. 
we had mall security/police officer escorts everywhere we wanted to go. it was funny haha
but now I'm headed back to Salt Lake City, back to warped tour!
we have to fly to las vegas first, sleep for a few hours, then fly to Utah in the morning. 

here is a pic of Austin and me waiting for our flight. I'm getting first class. 

- kyle
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stay Illogical

I always listen to the song "stay illogical" by Under the Influence of
Giants when I am taking off and landing in airplanes... it calms my
fear haha

I don't think the photo on last post worked... so here it is

Yo from Santa Fe New Mexico

whats up?!
I'm in a van on my way to the airport here in new Mexico. we are flying out to new jersey to play a show at a mall. should be fun... I didn't know it was an acoustic show until 5 minutes ago... alot of wieght off my shoulders because I always worry about my gear when we fly places. Baggage handlers always pull out my drums and play them right outside the airplane... I know ive seen it happen.

We did a signing at the atticus tent today, the line was sooooo long! but we got to meet everyone who was in line! and we got some free atticus shirts too!
we met up with tom delonge today to talk about signing up for a website called ModLife. it seems rad! we can do live video feeds, chatting, blogs and things along those lines...
we scheduled to play first today so we could bounce and catch our flight early! it was cool tho because a ton of kids showed up to watch us anyways!
this is a pic of the Shine kit I'm playing on warped tour... its sIcK! and that's K Dirty. my drum tech/best friend.

- kyle
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hella bad fire

this is my view right now... so hot

Kyle's First Warped Blog

Yo what is it everyone?warped tour in phoenix Arizona is the hottest place on earth right now according to me.We just got done playing on the smartpunk stage and are about to head to a signing at the vans tent and theeen we have an acoustic set... I'm still waiting to get my Shine djembe or bongos!!Well I gotta go! this is my first of many blogs!! Check back 2morrow!!!-kyleFT$Kthis pic is a pic of my home this summer... I'm the first bunk on the bottom left if u wanna come in and visit :)