Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yo from Santa Fe New Mexico

whats up?!
I'm in a van on my way to the airport here in new Mexico. we are flying out to new jersey to play a show at a mall. should be fun... I didn't know it was an acoustic show until 5 minutes ago... alot of wieght off my shoulders because I always worry about my gear when we fly places. Baggage handlers always pull out my drums and play them right outside the airplane... I know ive seen it happen.

We did a signing at the atticus tent today, the line was sooooo long! but we got to meet everyone who was in line! and we got some free atticus shirts too!
we met up with tom delonge today to talk about signing up for a website called ModLife. it seems rad! we can do live video feeds, chatting, blogs and things along those lines...
we scheduled to play first today so we could bounce and catch our flight early! it was cool tho because a ton of kids showed up to watch us anyways!
this is a pic of the Shine kit I'm playing on warped tour... its sIcK! and that's K Dirty. my drum tech/best friend.

- kyle
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uhhhhhmegan said...

i love the monkey:] you guys are all soooo nice and after ventura warped was amazing at dennys hahah the videos are super funny<3 see you in carson! and all the other ending ca dates:]

electronicxx said...

i love reading your blogs. i can't wait until indyyy :]

mistyxradxpants said...

aww kyleee.
i lovee k-dirty.
without me and my friend he would have lost his blingg. ahaha

Laura said...

rofl, i can't believe they play them. i can imagine you watching from the window and going crazy. hahaha! poor kyle!

Samantha said...

what mall in new jersey are you playing at?!?

chelsea rowan said...

ill see yah in jersey <3

Mariah said...

YAY kevin!

YAY new drums!

haha I love you =]