Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stay Illogical

I always listen to the song "stay illogical" by Under the Influence of
Giants when I am taking off and landing in airplanes... it calms my
fear haha


Potato said...


shabammmmm said...

awh :]

i have really small ear drum tube things so i have to take medicine before taking off and landing.

yourbestfrand said...

aw. i love taking off !! bwahaha its scary but its awesome :)

what i really hate is when you're like waaaaayy up in the air and there's so much pressure. blech.

btw, nice photo

LaDiDa said...

gorgeous picture!

citycrushed said...

aww. thats cute :)

and the picture is beautiful.

Mariah said...

I'll have to remember that one haha.

I'm leaving for Europe in two weeks and I"m terrified of the plane ride D=

ashleystarzzz said...

i love under the influence of giants.
i had no clue you liked them :)