Saturday, June 28, 2008

N00bark New Jersey Airport

Just got done playing at a Simon mall in New Jersey! it was barelysickout. 
we had mall security/police officer escorts everywhere we wanted to go. it was funny haha
but now I'm headed back to Salt Lake City, back to warped tour!
we have to fly to las vegas first, sleep for a few hours, then fly to Utah in the morning. 

here is a pic of Austin and me waiting for our flight. I'm getting first class. 

- kyle
(brought to you by iPhone)


Potato said...

:( I don't see the picture... but maybe it's just my computer.

chelsea rowan said...

i was at simon mall (= you guys were amazing! i hope you had fun & enjoyed all the stuff I got for you!

rocker chic said...

I heard that the security was really creepy!! I had major plans on being there, but I won't get into why I didn't but of course I am kickin myself that I didn't!! See you at WArped here in PA!!!

Melissa said...

the mall show was wonderful of course.
i have to fly out of newark to get to warped.
because warped tour canada > warped tour jersey.
i'm afraid of airplanes. and getting lost in newark airport's overwhelming gigantic-ness.
but i'll see you july 20th !!!

alicia said...
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alicia said...

your show in jersey was AMAZING (even tho it was acoustic, it was just as RAD as everrrrr)!!