Sunday, July 13, 2008

Got a Phone back!

Yea yea yeeeeeea
I went to the att store on this past friday when the iPhone 3G came out...
I wanted it soooo bad. But they we're SOLD OUT!! Just my luck

But I needed a phone pretty bad so I picked up a blackberry... Eh, not a big fan of it, will be getting iphone asap.

We are in the bus right now leaving florida heading to north carolina. The florida shows were awesome. Especially malibu. Kids were going ape in the crowd. We are playing the ernie ball stage right now (which is a smaller stage) and they had to have extra security at malibu haha! Bodies flying everywhere, I love crowd surfers!

Here is a pic of my point of view in malibu at night at the beach. So baller...
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iamtmix said...

congrats on the new phone!!
Keep rockin the tour!!

Allison said...

if that is of your point of view... shouldn't it be like of the horizon or something? unless you keep your head down a lot, haha.

joe said that the new gym class heroes song was one of the best he's ever heard. do you have any input? i don't want to be let down if i listen to it and it sucks.

KeyLimePie said...

awesome dude, i hope warped keeps getting better!


M3G@N said...

glad you got a new phone :)
though i would have to agree on iPhones being way more rad than the blackberry.

hope to see you soooonnn!!

GO KYLE! (?). :)

Camille said...

I couldn't even see the picture of your phone, but whatever.

Congrats on getting the new phone by the way!

Although, I'm still sad that I didn't get to meet you when you guys came to Tempe for the AP Tour - I only met Austin and all of All Time Low.

Maybe I'll get to meet you and the rest of FTSK the next time you come to Arizona.

shabammmmm said...


Christianne Vocal said...
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jeemee said...

That view is ballin' indeed.

ziggyziggyhaha said...

which blackberry did you get?

hiimlilnat said...

yesturday in miami, i saw you guys behind the stage, and you didnt even look at your fans, and i was desperately waiting for one of you to atleast wave while some of us stood there like idiots. i came to see you guys play, and i missed it, plus i didnt get to meet you. what a disapointment.


Corrina Dolan said...

ignore the person above me, you guys pwned it and i met all of you :] and why are you calling miami malibu? lol

robotiquee said...


legendaryy said...

is that that beach? thats a mad cool picture (=
i cant wait for camden warped!!

& im excited about your new phone.
hopefully you get the iphone asap though aha.

rachaellovesftsk said...

haha. i've crowd surfed at your show before :)
fun fun.
nice feeeet

Isabella_Swan said...

I am getting really psyched to all of you guys in August.

Keep putting up pictures!


Kyle said...

to ziggyziggyhaha
i dunno which BB it was... its red!

to hiimlilnat
i dont remember what happened after the show. all i know is i was very hot and about to pass out after playing :( sorry we didnt get to meet or say hi! i know security was very heavy, but we always hang out though out the day on warped tour grounds with everone!! chin up!

caitlin said...

if you mean Miami instead of Malibu then yes it was ridiculously amazing. i almost died watching you but i loved it.


oh and you looked adorable in the banana suit <33

Kyle said...

did i say malibu!?! im an idiot!

Cheri said...

i was disconnected from a phone for a month because i forgot that my phone was in my back jeans pocket when we went into the ocean with all our clothes on... and then i got the iphone 3g last friday. ;D

have fun on warped!

Jamie said...

Probably a Black Berry Pearl...
If it's red that is...
Gym Class Heroes is back and is the shizzzz.

Warped Tour this Saturday.
I did see you at AP. =]
You were wearing giant gloves though... Like hockey ones or something... O_o It was confusing...

BAG PIPERS? Vhattt... I'm confused. My TV is confusing.

Chainmefreemt said...

Hey man sorry to hear about the Iphone. I'm still waiting to get mine too. Catch you on Mansfield Mass, Buffalo NY, Camden NJ, NYC, and Scranton PA dates. I'll be workin for Hopeless Records, maybe we'll hangout. Payce broseph.

PS: Hit me up some time.

hiimlilnat said...

awe kyle thanks for responding ^_^
i understand now. i just wish i would have met you guys but its too late now -___- but atleast i got a video of you guys standing a few feet away from me while i was trying to get passed the security, hahaha. :D

wtftasha said...

I lol'd at the tanline on your feetsies. :]

& yay for new phones!

paigemckenzie2 said...

i've been hearing only bad things about the new iphone. sooo i'd check out someone you know that has one already before you get one yourself because i heard it sucks.

I was at the Tampa, FL show because i really wanted to see you guys again along with a whole bunch of bands, but the heat was so bad that i had to go right after Mayday Parade :[ which was like the first f#cking show.... I was shaking/my face was going numb so i decided id see you guys next time you're here in Tampa because ive already seen you live when you were here for the AP Tour.

See you soon! [hopefully]

Amy said...
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Brittany said...

Sorry Kyle. Blackberry kicks iPhones ass!

I was about to ask you yesterday (St. Augustine/Jacksonville) if you found your iPhone but you seemed in a hurry (I would be if I was in the heat!).

Can't wait until fall tour. Do you have any idea of what venues you'll be doing or any dates for Florida yet or is it still in the planning state?

jill said...

hahaha =D
if you meant Miami
then i agree.
was painful but worth it
you guys were amazing.
and i agree that the banana suit was
and excellent idea.

Amy said...

yay for getting a new phone!

and i just wanted to say that the st. pete show was absolutely amazing. it was my first time seeing you guys live and you all definitely didn't disappoint!
i can't wait to see you guys this fall.

have fun on the rest of warped tour! :)

shescreamsfame said...

miami's the new malibuuu.
7/12/08 = seriously the best show EVER.

JUHHNETT said...

Yay! you finally have a phone now!! i have the blackberry pearl too! but i've been having some problems with it lately.. it kinda sucks a lot!
have you had any problems with yours?
and when do yall come back to dallas?! i miss yall!!