Sunday, July 20, 2008

Montreal, Canada AYE!

Hey all,
to day is canada! yesterday was canada too. in toronto.
it rained during our set but alot of ppl still came out to watch!!
(even tho we cut the set short because of our equipment :-/ we didnt
want to ruin our gear and the stage way being lame about making us
play in the rain.... go fig)
i woke up this morning, got off the bus next to this lake thing (see
photo) and their were badgers/beavers/wombats running towards me
trying to sneak onto the bus. so i turned around and grabbed a knife
to protect our bus from the wombat creatures.... they stopped 6 feet
in front of me, they pulled out knives and we battled for 3-5
minutes... i ended up picking them up and throwing them into the lake
behind me (see photo).

true story.



ErikaErections said...

you're so sillyyyyyy.

Anjelica said...



that must've been so scary...
you're super brave.

occhin said...

ohh man those badgers/beavers/wombats, ahaha
what would the world do without you kyle?

Jaz said...

yeah the raining part sucked but it was still awesome

can't wait until you guys come back to toronto again!

anneskibibblez said...

the beavers and wombats and badgers are vicious here. that was brave of you to go defend your bandmates!

it sucked that you had to cut the show short.

allicalifornia said...


good story.
best one ive heard in a while.
youre a warrior, kyle.



Madison said...

wow, good thing you were there to protect the bus from those creatures

omgzitsbrit said...

that was an amazing story.
i'm in awe of your bravery.

jezicuhh said...

ur my hero.

robotiquee said...

omg have you seen The Dark Knight yet? b/c you srsly need to if you havent.

Aiycha said...

lmao, you need to make that into a book and publish it, it will be abest seller trust me.

dianaxthexweirdo said...

What a lie :P

At least you guys still played for a little while.

JANETTT said...

hahah you are very brave =D

arlighty so i've almost asked this a bajillion times.. but ill ask again lol. When do yall come back to Dallas?! cause im dying to meet you guyss!!!!

you're coolest fann,

Courtney said...

Haha I like your adventure.
You brave boy =P
The T.O. Show was insane. I was drenched even before I came to the set.
You guys never fail to give a good preformance.
<33 =)

alicia said...

wow! that happens to me all the time, but usually i'm up against komodo dragons/chinchillas/ i totally get where you're coming from.
good thing there was a lake otherwise it could've been a total devastation out tharrr in canada.

Sarsh. said...

canada = full of danger
it sure is lucky that FTSK has you to protect them

wtftasha said...

bahahaha. wow, you pwned their asses. but they might erupt back up from the lake and have revenge on you. :O

Melissa said...

you + montreal were wonderful.
glad you liked your bracelet :] we match now!
the rain sucked.
see you next week back in jersey!
and i saw all those beaver things too on the line. they were excellent.

JANETTT said...

OMG! okay so i just saw that you guys were gonna come to dallas on the 25th to perform at six flags but on the band's myspace it says that yall are gonna be in Camden, NJ.. im confused!!
please answer back =D

legendaryy said...

i cant believe that
your lucky to still be alive.

Cara Kabam said...

Hahaha, wombats? XD
That sounds EPIC! :D

cupcake-smile6 said...

i was there in toronto.
i was singing, no STUTTERING along the words.

and afterwards at denny's... that was fun!

cupcake-smile6 said...

OH, and remember those girls that yelled "i fucking love you" and scared the shit out of you?

yeah, those were my friends.

BROOKElizabeth said...

haha lol sounds epic

I Wish u could of played longer in TO, god damn rain! But what ever you guys still were awesome!

jeemee said...

And I thought I was the only one who had battles with badgers/beavers/wombats.

Pampan said...

AND YOU WON?? wowwwww. only the toughest and strongest have ever been known to come out of a wombat battle alive! many have braved the battle, but few have survived! insaaaane. you're a hero, kyle!

*sigh* i can't wait till fall to see you guys again ='(

between the bars said...

that has got to be one of the best stories ever.
you sure pwned those wombat creature things...
i'm proud!

beewheelinx3 said...

you're gonna hurt yourself with all that knifefighting you do with those wombats.

you watch yourself, kyle burns.
i can't lose my hero to a small, furry mammal with a weapon.


Nicole Linette said...

Hahaha, that's amazing, not gonna lie. =]
What's a wombat? :D

Have fun with Warped!

Punky Poet said...

Pff, us Montrealers are used to all those creatures! I can bring you some stuffed ones(not the real one, dead and stuffed; toy stuffed animal.I just got scared of you thinking I would bring a dead animal to the show haha) when you come back in november if you'd like. I'm really looking forward to that show, by the way.See you there, Mr. Kyle Burns, :)