Tuesday, July 1, 2008

iPhone MIA

hokay so...
i lost my cell phone 2 nights ago.
i no longer have anyones cell phone number, pictures, status....
so.... this blog might be a lot slower lately because i dont have easy
photo access email.
i dunno when im gonna get a new phone. i hope the person that found it
doesnt go crazy on it calling everyone in there. i tried to call it
several times but it went to my voice mail... SO LAME!

on another note, warped tour in Missouri was great! probably one of
the biggest crowds on Warped so far... Im making alot of friends with
other bands and crew on the tour. I still wanna hang with a few people
though... Such as Hailey from Paramore. She seems to be super rad.




Anonymous said...

just wait.
it'll be on ebay in about 2 days.

ps. its hayley williams.
and i hear she is rad.

LaDiDa said...

that really sucks! i think iphones have this secret brain no one knows about, you know like artificial intelligence or something and they all get lost so that ppl will have to buy more iphones and add to the hilarious fact that us humans misplace things way too often.

can't wait to see you at warped. wait. you won't be there. because ur not playing that date LAME-O's!!

that's alright,

Melissa said...

i sold my awesome new cell phone back to verizon yesterday just so i had enough money for plane tickets to warped tour. and the tickets for warped tour itself...
i feel your pain :[
i'm sorry.

MeganP2010 said...

wowww that sucks soo much about your iphone. I lost my cell phone at warped tour in San Francisco and we were halfway home until I realized it. I ended up still at the pier at like 9 a clock hunting down the clean up crew man who answered the phone-- I hope you find yours! I like reading your blogs!

Hope you get to hang out with Hayley! I think bieng on warped tour sounds like the funnest thing every- like a musicians camp with a bunch of artists you respect/listen to!


Anonymous said...

aww im sorry kyle! hopefully you get a new phone soon and no one finds your phoneeee!

Anonymous said...

Dude, for serious, just wait until July 11th for the new 3G iPhone to come out.

Anonymous said...

yay i was there~

Katelyn said...

kansas city warped tomorrow!
i'm pumped.
sucks about your phone.

Anonymous said...

that sucks Kyle
losing my cellphone is the last thing that i want to happen now
i will get crazy if it ever happen

Anonymous said...

i think you mean Hayley* from paramore but YAH! I've heard she is a really nice person plus her singing is amazing--as you already know :P

Morgan Elaine said...

oh dear! that's no good!!
BTW: my captcha was : faiqxact
fake exact. wtf?

Mrs.Burns said...

I feel so bad for youu ! My black Berry is like broken and I have this really old crppy phone, I hate it better yet my mom is making me go on a family comaping trip with this old stupid phone. I feel bad for youu.

I hope you get to hang out with Hayley she does seem radd.
July 27 Wapred Baby !

:C I hope you find itt.

Jamie said...

I hope what happened to The Cab doesn't happen to you.

...Though it was pretty funny. xPP

Bythewayyy. It's Hayley. =]

paola said...

:O you cell phoneeeee
i have the iphone too
i'm so carefully whit it

kyle i hope to see you some day
i is my dream beacause
i lovee FTSK & i loveee how do you play the drums amazing!!!!!!!!

hahah :) byee


paola said...

:O you cell phoneeeee
i have the iphone too
i'm so carefully whit it

kyle i hope to see you some day
i is my dream beacause
i lovee FTSK & i loveee how do you play the drums amazing!!!!!!!!

hahah :) byee


Anonymous said...

That sucks about you're phone:( Hopefully a nice person finds it.

I was at the warped in saint louis and im so glad so many people were having just as much fun as me listening to you guys :D

It was definitely the highlight of my day.


My step sister met Hailey she said she was mean but this was a while bakk before she got famous. I cant waait to see you at Warped! I knoe its gonna be soo funn! July 13th!! :))

Anonymous said...

i hope you enjoyed STL,
we surely enjoyed you.

gotten to that bag of sunflower seeds yet?


The said...

Yeah her name is spelled "Hayley" and she is wonderful. I thought they weren't on Warped too long this year because of their Final Riot Tour but I could be wrong... but I hope you get to hang with her and Josh/Zac/Jeremey :) All awesome

Anonymous said...

hahah, bee is my best friend!

anyways, we loved you too kyle.
St.Louis is where it's at,
and always will be :D