Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Haha k dirrrrrrty
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JANETTT said...

hahaha this is hilarious!!
hes cutee lol
so when do yall come to dallas?!
im still dieing to know!!

Madison said...

omg i thought that light was a hat for a second haha

Jaz said...

haha i just get it! so cool XD

Catherine said...

hahaha :D

legendaryy said...


occhin said...

oh naaaice. hahaha

jeemee said...

ha I thought it was a hat too.
I must be missing something, I don't get it like everyone else? =/

ohheyyykhersee said...

boston! i will see you tomorrow<3

jac said...

ahahahahahaha :D

i had to do a double take. i could've sworn it was a huge birthday hat...thing

Aiycha said...

......K Dirty Is a Babeeeee

Pampan said...


i wish i still lived in boston sometimes... =(

i wish i would've met him!! he should've come to the breakfast!

diep said...

WOOT WOOT! boston! i probably know where that restaurant's at. darn i should have stalked or paparazzi u guys! what a view u have!lol...light hat.

maineftskfarewell said...

Man, I couldn't go to the Boston warped this year.
Hope you had a great time considering it was downpouring and tornadoes were a couple miles away.

M3G@N said...

looks like kdirty has a hat on. niceee!

allhisintegrity said...

hahaha I think I know where that is.
so kyle,did you like all the rain and lightning in boston?
it was amazing watching you going WHOAAAAA LOOK AT THAT FLASH! everytime it lit up the sky. :)

Megan Marie said...

That's so cute :-)
I was screaming his name today in Philly haha :-)

And, I served you like 9349349439 pieces of pizza. Which you said you ate...
love you <3

helpmyheartgoon said...

thats cutee.

kent looks confused.