Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm baaaaaack

What up what up bwaaaaa
Just got back from Japan to San Fransisco!
Japan was amazing time! So much to tell that it wouldn't all fit on this blog.
First off fans were at the airport when we got in, at our hotel, every street corner just waiting for us to meet and greet us! Japanese are the most kind, humble and excited kids I've ever met hands down. They welcomed us with tons of gifts and offered to show us around Tokyo. They even helped us with communicating with the locals when our translator wasn't around!

The shows out there were the best shows we've ever had. The crowds at summer sonic and the club show were INSANE! I've never seen a crowd get so amped for anything! They sang along to every word! The concrete floor was moving up and down from the crowd the promoters and Robi said.I'm. Sure video will be up soon!

"Whoa-oh" is the number one song in japan right now... I heard it everywhere and saw our music video was on every screen! I was so overwhelmed!

G2G food just got to Robi and my table...

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Madison said...

yay! you know, i've been missing these updates. i'm glad you had a good time in japan! next time you go, i'm coming!

tiffanyTDWP~ said...

lol nice picture! you look so stoked. sounds like you had a good time but i can't wait to see you guys on the 15th :D
the bay area ftw~!!

jessie said...

aww i missed your updates :D welcome back to American Kyle :) it makes me so happy that you guys are no. 1 in Japan.

jessie said...

btw you hair looks very curly... mor than usual...i'm guessing thats how your look like when you are right off the plane huh

Riot!Ross said...

Holy cow. I was just hanging with my friend in the city. Can't wait to see you again at Mountain view. Think I've talked to you about 3 times. Have fun in Fresno!

Anonymous said...

that is so extrodinary. im more proud of you boys then ever. this is everything you deserve!

Anonymous said...

welcome backk <3

aw youre in the bay areaa.

thats awesome fans were awesome but
how did they know what airport/hotel
you guys were stayin at? weird.

<3 have fun on the rest of warped!

wtftasha said...

Welcome back to the states. :D Glad you had a safe trip home.
That's pretty epic that your guys' song is number one over there... But yeah. I see you on the last day of Warped. :]

Anonymous said...

Awww. ^__^ I'm so proud of you guys. Glad you had a good time and got back safely. God bless. <3

JeffaLynn said...

thats amazing :D
asian people are crazy,
i would know because half of my family is asian.
haha. they are excited for everything!

glad you had a great time in japan.
and i would like some of your food please (:

xoxo said...

I am so proud of you boys. I remember when I was the only person at The Grog Shop that knew all of the words, and now everywhere you go (LIKE FREAKIN JAPAN) you're getting a quick look with your success with all of these kids.

I'm glad you had so much fun, and I'm glad that you look soooo extremely happy in that picture.

I won't see you soon enough.



ayaka said...

heeeeeeey!! i miss u already:-'(
so i went to show,meet n greet of FTSK on monday:]
that was sooooo amazing!!
u really love PONYO:)hahha
and u said to me
"OGENKIDESUKA??(how are u?)"
ur japanese was very gooooooood!!


Anonymous said...

welcome backk!
everyone in ftsk that's updated sounds like they had an amazing time, i'm glad you guys had so much fun. (:
i've been missing your updates big time, haha

Cara Kabam said...

Isn't Japan just the coolest?! :D
I'm glad you enjoyed yourselff (:

SweetCupcake said...

Japan is a crazy place ! It's like.. so not part of our world. It's amazing !

Nicole Linette said...

Dear Kyle,

I'm glad you updated your blog, I thought you abandoned it for modelife.com! XD

And I'm super stoked that Japan was insane for you guys. That's amazing that Whoa Oh! is being played all over there! I hope the rest of Warped Tour is just as fun, but that experience will for sure be unforgettable.

peace, love, & good luck
nicole ! :)

Megan said...

yay, you're back :)
glad you had a great time.
you look adorable in that picture, btw.
loveeyou <3

Anonymous said...

baha you make me proud to be half japanese! :]

Anonymous said...

that sounds insane. i bet you guys got some of the coolest presents EVER! you just can't compete with the people behind manga, nintendo AND POKEMON!

but i hope you still like my present

forever the sickest kid! said...

it's so crazy that your song is number one in japan.. that's like such a giant thing! and I'm so happy for all of you.
and it's cool that whoa oh is number one 'cause it's really my fave song <3

it's such a shame you only come to the UK in 2008.. the rest of europe wants to see you, too!

but anyway, you're great kyle :]

KIRSTIE! Mmm hmm. said...

KYLE-SKI. Sup, brothaa? I'm stoked you guys had a good time in Japan and shizz.. Sick that "Whoa-Oh" is #1. Impressive ;). I always rock out to it while I drive. You boys never cease to amaze me.

Your fans support you 100%.

PS, Nice picture ;).

Kimi said...

I was talking to my friend in Japan who was there for your show.

She was so stoked, said you guys are super nice, which of course you are! <3

The Japanese are very good at airport receiving and all that. :)

Welcome back btw! <333

Anonymous said...

Kyle! You should come to Malaysia too! Is just a few hours of flight from Japan anyway. :D

Asia! said...

thats asian kids for you!