Saturday, August 2, 2008

Acoustic Chicago

Here's a backstage shot of our acoustic show today!
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Madison said...

Did you do an acoustic set in Pittsburgh? Because if you did, I missed it. :(

Anonymous said...

did you mean to post this twice ahah?

you didn't have an acoustic at either of the warped tours I went to )= oh well. ilyguyz.

Anonymous said...

everyone looks so pumped

i wish you and the rest of ftsk could do acoustics at every warped tour..(coughhhenglishtowncough)

SweetCupcake said...

wow there's a lot of kids =o

Anonymous said...

haha, thats me :)
too bad you didnt get a picture of everyone falling on the stage.
that wouldve given everyone a better idea of what it was like.

3iL33N, wow. said...

wow, i was for seriously two
people away from being in that
picture. what a dissapointment

sorry you could do your thing
kyle, haha. its okay you owned
the ernie ball stage shortly