Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Bike

So yesterday we picked up bottles and cans to recycle for an hour or
two. We ended up just hanging out with kids and making a bigger mess
than when we started. It was supposed to be a "punishment" for what we
did at Dennys the night before. (Throwing food). hahaha the warped
tour staff was really upset with us. they handled the situation in an
incorrect manner. Dennys didnt mind either. We've done Late Night at
Dennys many times be4. we cleaned our mess up everytime.

But besides them, shout outs to my friends in Say Anything, From First
To Last, Every Time I Die, Beat Union, Norma Jean, All Time Low,
Oreska Band.
i love eating at dennys with them.

But this picture shows my new bike. I'm apart of a bike gang here on
warped with other friends. we run backstage.



Megan Marie said...

Ahaha is Jack part of said gang?
Because I've seen him around with his bike.
And Rian.
And Grieco.

jessie said...

hahah well it still sounds fun. just be a good kid next time

JANETTT said...

hahaha thats hilarious!
sounds like yall had loads of funn!
oh and cute pic =D
i can't wait for yall to come down to dallas!!!
hope to hear from you soon
your coolest fann,
janett =]

Melissa said...

aw i'm glad you're wearing the bracelet i gave you in canada. (blue and white one...)
canada is an excellent place.
and you're pretty excellent yourself.

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

I like the pink handle bars
very manly ;-)

Anonymous said...

That picture is from Boston...?

Anonymous said...

ahaha, your new bike looks killer.

SweetCupcake said...

oh you guys are bad kiiids =o making a mess everywhere you go

Madison said...

hot bike

Anonymous said...

oh man ahaha bike gang..that's hxc, kyle
way to make a mess.

warped tour englishtown 7.28 was amazing.

mysexytruckerhat said...

i have a nice picture of kent picking shit up my the main stages. and you looked like you were having fun on "punishment" anyways.

iloveforeverthesickestkids said...

haha very cool bike kyle :)

Anonymous said...

maybe you shouldn't throw foooood!

ahah jk, I would have done the same thing.

Nicole Linette said...

Haha "punishment".
But you guys are good!

Sweet bike.
Thats cool how you're all
tight with so many of the
other bands too :)

JeffaLynn said...

greattt bike (:

why would the warped crew be upset?
hah. just apologize for having fun x)


Anonymous said...

meeh, they were just jealous that they weren't having as much fun!!

between the bars said...

the staff was just jealous because they aren't apart of your gang, obv.

jessica said...

you guys got put in time out. haha!

ciarajoyy said...

Oh so THAT'S why you were recycling. I just thought you were a good kidd. You gave my friend your glove, so wait to be sanitary XD But yeah....I bearly saw you pick up a thing so I guess the punishment didn't work. But I do think you were....out of it? Perhaps? Maybe you're just normally...increadibly awesome in the sillyest way possible... anywaysss. Hope to see you our wedding perhaps?
COME BACK TO MILWAKEE! [or my hometown, dodgeville, you can live with me...cuz my dad said you could ferreals. if you pretend to be asian anyways.]

peace XD
-ciarajoyy [soon to be] BURNS

Anonymous said...

Hi recycling buddy :) see you on the 25th I'm glad we got to talk to the other day at like 4:30 am hahaha

Oh and you didn't put in here how we stopped picking up trash and danced to Katy Perry lol :D You're a goof but you're still the best recycling buddy in the world :)

Maybe we can ride your bike together again on the 25th! :D

Love ya, Katie