Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The End is HERE

So my friends across North America, it was great to see you all on the 2008 Vans Warped tour this summer. So many memories and good times I will never forget! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to a show and buying all our merch!

My Top 5 Favorite times on Warped
1. Stealing golf carts
2. Losing my iPhone in Denver
3. Playing chess with Tom Delonge
4. Starting a Warped tour bike gang
5. Getting kicked off Warped about 6 times

I love the warped tour staff and all the bands that were apart of it this year. Thanks for giving me one of the best summers of my life!


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Anonymous said...

You are amazing.
I'm glad we met.


Anonymous said...

sounds like an awesome time!!
i'm looking forward to sassyback.
AND i'm seeing you sunday in chicago. expect drumsticks (: and i do know what kind to get because you've told me and my friend about 24398204 times lol.


Danielle. said...

Ahh, seeing you twice at warped was amazing. I loved meeting you so much.

forever the sickest kid! said...

I hope you're gonna be at warped next year, too!
cause maybe I'll be in the USA for a week or something and I reaaaally wanna go to warped and meet you guys :]
by the way, I'm from europe.. haha
kyle, you're great :D

Cara Kabam said...

lmao, chess is funnz.
That bus look awesomeee.
And the experience sounds fantastic.
Glad you're getting what you deserve :D<3

Anonymous said...

Haha one of your favorite moments was losing your phone? That doesn't sound very fun!
I didn't know you guys were in San Francisco on the 12th! We should have chilled xD
Hopefully I'll see you on Sassyback at teh regency :)!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could say I'll see you on the Sassyback tour, I really wish I could. =/ But you guys aren't coming to Indiana. *sighs*
So, hopefully, you guys will be on next year's Warped Tour again.

I hope I getsta meet you a second time.
You are wicked-awesome. No syke.

Anonymous said...

i gave you my grape scented marker of deliciousness and you never gave it back. SO THE GREAT GRAPE MARKER HEIST SHOULD BE IN YOUR TOP FIVE MOTHERFUCKER.

Madison said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Warped Tour! Does that mean you'll do it again next year? *hopes* I'll see you on November 21st! I'm so excited :) <3, Madison

Anonymous said...

im so sad i couldnt go to la or the sd one :( but ill see you at the sassy back tour :) but tell me, is the house of blues date sold out on november first? if anyone knows, message me at myspace.com/78481715 ily kyle

Nicole Linette said...

Aww man Warped is over!

It appears you had a stellar time though. I can't believe you played chess with TOM! Haha, so jealous XD. I wish I could have met you in person at Warped Buffalo but you were amazing live -- I pray to god that I'll see you again October 7th for SassyBack!

But for now, have a fun ride home and enjoy the break, haha.. you definitely deserve it. Please don't abandon this blog either! :P

nicole ! :]

elisenoelle said...

aww its over. :[ but you were amazing when my friends & i went to see the chicago show.

and im seeing you this sunday at orland square on your birthday!! i got you presents by the way, so i was wondering if you guys are doing like a meet & greet type thing or if i have to throw your things on the stage hahaha. if you know, comment back!

Anonymous said...

oooh )=
does the end of warped mean the end of this blog?!
im sad that its all over.
but its amazing that you had a good time cuz i had a good time!
i really excited about the uk tour
and the sassyback tour

madeline♥ said...

did you win the chess game? you better have.

jessie said...

you guys have to be at warped next year again!

even though i didn't actually meet you in toronto, love you!

Riot!Ross said...

Yes, Warped was amazing. Hopefully next year you'll be on the tour and with the stage you want!

You guys better come to San Francisco for Sassyback! I looked on the list and didn't see a date for it yet. yikes! Hope to see you soon. My friend(the drummer you said you'd run away with) will have a rad present for you too!

Love-Love <3

Felicia said...

I am so very sorry that you lost your phone here.
and no I was not the one who found it and/or took it. In fact, I wasn't even there [although I wish I was].

but I hope you like the birthday song I wrote for you!! haha
I know it's really lame but I plan on writing something else that's better for you and the others as well.

Wow, this is long. Sorry.
Welp, good luck with The Sassy Back Tour! I wish I could go and see you guys, but as always, I can't =[.
Also.... I hope you get a new iPhone!


Riot!Ross said...

PS. I just checked FTSK's myspace and yay! You'll be at the Fillmore. Hopefully I'll be able to make it!

Anonymous said...

they played a milli by lil wayne today to introduce metro station at the mtvU concert at six flags and i thought of you =)

did you win the chess match?

Eleanor said...

you got kicked off of warped?

jonascakesssss said...

yummmmm, my top 5 favorite things of Warped Tour

1.Meeting Forever the sickest kids
2.Front row to Forever the sickest kids concert
3.Buying Forever the Sickest Kids Merch
4.Getting my CD signed by Forever the Sickest Kids
5.Taking Pictures with Forever the Sickest Kids

Hope you guys make some serious plans on coming to warped tour next year at Maryland, wesnaw!


Anonymous said...


im super glad you boys were on
the whole tour, saw you play 3 out of 4 warped dates, plus acoustic to make up for the one date i didnt get to.

aw your phone =[!

my top 5 favorite moments,
not in any order:

*k dirty <3 giving me your drumstick
*watching wtk sidestage
*watching you guys center front row
twice, and front row acoustic
*surviving the boston tornado warning lightning thunder storm
*talking/meeting/chilling w/ bands

cant wait til next summer, hopefully
lots of my top favorite bands will be there once again (ftsk, wtk, atl, mayday, the auditon, anberlin, cobra, TAI )


Anonymous said...

you stole golf carts?
i didn't hear about that until now, haha

you guys were amazing whole tour;
i had a blast at englishtown july 28th, it was worth waiting two hours to get front row center.

i wish i could go see you at the sassyback tour but it's hard cause it's during the schoolyear. hope to see you at bamboozle/warped tour next year, though. (:

taghrid a. said...

awesomeee :) cant wait for the jannus show in st peteee FL :D

jessie said...

actually , i don't get it, how do you get kicked off? explain!

tila$$$ said...

LOL I got a water gun that says forever the sickest kids on it after purchasing a shirt from your band, it was fantastic :)
I can't wait until you guys come back to the bay area!!

Anonymous said...

answer plz

Fabi. said...

AHHHHHHH you played chess with TOM!! that's awesome, i used to play chess well when i was younger.. hahaha

going to warped tour and meeting my favorite bands is my life goal.. i live in brazil (south america)

anyways, i'm glad you had fun :)

paola said...

kyleeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
tomorrow is your birthday!!!!!!!!!!
happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!!
are you exited :)
you should do a BIG partyy with your friends :)

my best drummer is:
kyle burns :D
i likeee so much when you
play 'whoa oh!"
because you jump&scream :D
i never see you but its my dream :(

i always say "please God i want to meet ftsk♥

:D happy birthday

paola said...

kyleeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
tomorrow is your birthday!!!!!!!!!!
happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!!
are you exited :)
you should do a BIG partyy with your friends :)

my best drummer is:
kyle burns :D
i likeee so much when you
play 'whoa oh!"
because you jump&scream :D
i never see you but its my dream :(

i always say "please God i want to meet ftsk♥

:D happy birthday

GLORIA :) said...




23 23 23 YEARRRS!!!! :D

i hope you see my post :D

i love loove lovee
forever the sickest kids♥

leesh; said...

didnt get to go to warped
because my manager wouldnt
let me have the day off.
sounds amazing.

and you dont like your blackberry?
i LOVE mine.